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Andrew Pickford
MVA Hong Kong Limited   

Andrew TW Pickford Bsc MBA CEng FIET FHKIE FHKIoD

  • Internationally recognised expert, thought leader and consultant on the practical application of ITS and Electronic Toll Collection (ETC); government-level policy shaping, technical design, and management consultancy; board-level technical advisory consultancy and bank’s advisory services relating to landmark IT and transport-related projects in SE Asia, South America, Europe and the US; most recently 3 contracts in South Africa relating to the development of a comprehensive performance management regime and region ITS deployments.
  • Over 25 years management experience, including 15 years as a consultant to senior management and at board level in public and private sector organisations.
  • Commercially-orientated and able to match technology capability and evolution to policy implementation and its requirements. Successful track record in the design, implementation and integration of end-to-end IT and transport-related services and road user charging schemes.Broad industry knowledge and specialist in cutting-edge market segments, including application development lifecycle in mobile telecoms, mobile Value Added Services (VAS), factory & process automation, machine-to-machine (M2M) applications, computer vision, location-based services, mobile positioning systems, in-vehicle services, wireless sensing, IT-based performance management techniques, data collection & fusion, geographic information systems (GIS) and electronic road pricing (ERP) road-based sensor technologies.
  • Strong vision and structured approach to management / technical advisory consulting particularly in complex IT-based engineering environments and experienced in negotiation of technically-focused commercial agreements, legislative review and leading multi-disciplinary teams at the highest levels within public authorities.
  • Competent understanding of theoretical and heuristic approaches to distil industry structure & dynamics, the critical role of IP, enabling patents, management competence, scale of operations, competition, standards and the impact of regulation.Capable user of analytical tools including performance measurement, quant tools, financial reporting & analysis, investment appraisal techniques and scenario planning.
  • Central Police Station
  • Heritage Projects
  • Harbour-front Enhancement